The Boxer machine can form the carton box from a flat corrugated cardboard sheet, load the individual cigarette packs into the carton in a pre-determined pattern, and seal the carton. The Boxer machine used for cigarette packaging can be customized to handle the specific size and shape of the cigarette...

Wrapper and Overwrapper

The machine that places cellophane or polypropylene on cigarette boxes is commonly known as a cigarette wrapping or a cigarette overwrapping machine. These machines are designed to wrap a single cigarette pack or a bundle of packs in a thin layer of plastic film, which helps to protect the cigarettes...


The Stamper is typically a part of the packing line and is responsible for stamping a pack of cigarettes with  the required information, including the tax or revenue stamp, a warning label, and other required markings. Stamper machines are highly specialized and can be customized to meet the specific requirements...


The HLP-300 machine has been designed to operate at a maximum speed of 300 packages per minute while maintaining exceptional production quality. Thanks to its high design maximum speed, the HLP-300 can deliver an optimal production speed of 270 packages per minute with a consistent level of high quality output....

Welcome to Veta’s New Website

Your Gateway to Innovative Solutions for the Tobacco Industry   At Veta, we are thrilled to unveil our new website, providing a comprehensive showcase of our cutting-edge solutions for the tobacco industry. As industry leaders, we specialize in manufacturing state-of-the-art packing machines and also offering expert rebuilding of cigarette makers...


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