Modules included in a full Packing Line


The Stamper is typically a part of the packing line and is responsible for stamping a pack of cigarettes with  the required information, including the tax or revenue stamp, a warning label, and other required markings.

Stamper machines are highly specialized and can be customized to meet the specific requirements of different jurisdictions and regulatory bodies.

They typically use advanced sensors and control systems to ensure accurate placement and alignment of the stamps, and to monitor the quality and consistency of the stamped packs.

The Stamper is an important part of the cigarette packing process, ensuring that the packs are properly marked and compliant with applicable regulations.

1.  Function Stamp Mark Applicator Machine
2.  Maximum speed [p/min] 250 p/min
3.  Working speed at specific format [p/min] 250 p/min
4.  General condition Brand new
2 Machine Overall Dimensions
5.  Length [mm] ~2000 mm
6.  Width [mm] ~600 mm
7.  Height [mm] ~1600 mm
8.  Weight [kg] 220 kg
3 Electrical Supply
9.  Type 3Phase + N + PE
10.                 Voltage 400 VAC ±10%
11.                 Frequence 50 Hz ±1%
12.                 Machine Consumption Power 2.5 kW
4 Compressed Air Supply
13.                 Supply Pressure [bar] 6 bar  ±1 bar
14.                 Consumption Flow Rate [m3/h] 10 m3/h
15.                 Working Pressure (after regulator) 5 bar
5 Working Environment
16.                 Temperature 20°C  ±5°C
17.                 Relative Humidity 55…85 % R.H.



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